Finally, the amenity everyone has been asking for…drum roll please….

The new 2-person whirlpool spa tub in the Happily Ever After room! It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve received so many requests for it, that we’re glad to say that the project is complete. And we think it looks pretty good, considering it is an addition to an existing room. We decided to continue with the Victorian garden/cottage theme and surround it in real wood bead board, baskets and plants, and the flameless candles add to the romance. We also went the extra mile and bought an ultra-quiet, pipeless Sanijet tub, which is the kind used in hospitals for therapy. What that means is that it is the most sanitary whirlpool tub on the market. Since there are no pipes for water to sit in, there is never any fear of residue. It’s a pretty cool concept. Gregg and I tried one out at a B&B in north Texas and loved it. We know you will too!

Happily Ever After now boasts a beautiful new tub for relaxation.

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