New Restaurant has a French/Italian Flair.

There is a restaurant on McCullough that was constructed just after we bought the inn, a beautiful building with a lovely patio/ bar as well as fashionably decorated dining areas. It started out as an Italian restaurant, but has changed hands and decor several times since then, sporting different names and menus, and at one time was even a French bistro. But now the restaurant is considered to be New American, with strong French and Italian influences, a match made in heaven for my Italian husband and for me, the former French professor and Francophile.

The new name? Tribeca di Olmos. A delightful place to relax, have a glass of wine in the lounge or enjoy a delicious dinner.  And Jean-Francois is the most gracious French host you will ever find. The best part for us is that the kitchen is open later than most places and happy hour begins at 9:00 with half price pizza and a fabulous Caesar salad that is actually lightly grilled, adding a surprising new flavor to an old American staple. To add to the enticement, we can get a reasonably-priced glass of French wine, which is not easy to find in Texas. We suggest you check it out and tell them Gregg and Kelly sent you (if you don’t see us there)!

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