Welcome to our blog! We try to post upcoming events in San Antonio as well as new things happening at the Inn. Gregg and I (Kelly) have owned the Inn at Craig Place since 2007. We do most everything ourselves (with the help of our family and a couple of good friends who play an important role in the behind-the-scenes working of the inn). If you stay at the inn, you will probably see us in different “uniforms” (or wearing different hats, as Gregg says) depending on the time of day.  I am chef in the morning while Gregg is server and the kitchen cleanup crew of one. I may be in a suit in the afternoon, coordinating a wedding, or performing the ceremony since I am a licensed minister. Gregg may be wearing the hat of the wedding photographer for the afternoon. Or you may catch us wearing our work clothes –  I might be doing tile work, painting or washing windows while Gregg might be manicuring his beautiful landscaping to provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. In the evening, you may see Gregg in the office with his accountant’s “hat” on, while I’m in the back tending to things in the carriage house, working on the web site or placing orders for wedding supplies. And if we’re lucky enough to find a little time to ourselves, you may see us out for a walk in the neighborhood or on the Riverwalk, or best of all, playing with our grandsons. Busy? Crazy busy! But neither of us can really sit still anyway, so it works out just right.  However, if you don’t see weekly posts up here, you’ll know why! 

Click on “Our Blog” above to see our most recent posts or check out “Upcoming Events” to plan your next trip to SA. We hope you will come on in and stay a while with us.

Gregg & Kelly