Elopement/ Elope/ Eloping

Holiday engagements turn to wedding planning in January, and more couples are considering the idea of eloping as a way of saving money and lowering stress. As a former English and French professor, I must admit that I wish I could tell other wedding venues who post up elopement packages for the bride and groom and 10 or 15 guests or more that the word “elope” doesn’t mean taking along an entourage. That’s called a Destination Wedding.

The word “elope,” more than likely comes¬†from an Anglo-French word “aloper,”¬† and means the couple runs off alone, often in secret; it often refers to those young couples who escape to get married without parental consent. Although historically couples eloped to the courthouse to be married by a JP, more recently couples are opting for something a bit more romantic and memorable. Gregg and I eloped. We left our families and friends behind and escaped to Aruba to be married on the beach. It was perfect.

Not everyone can get all the way to Aruba (heck, we haven’t had the time or money to return ourselves) and many opt to come to San Antonio, so Gregg and I have made it our personal goal to provide a beautiful, romantic place for couples to elope, and we try our best to make the experience perfect for them too. We even take pictures and put them on a CD for them because we realized that was the one thing we were lacking — we don’t have any pictures of us on our wedding day, except for the ones we took of each other. :-)