Spring Break Anniversary

Whew! Spring break week is over – filled with weddings and booked up every night. On top of that, Gregg and I celebrated our wedding anniversary this weekend. I guess if we would have known we were going to own a bed and breakfast, we might have chosen another date for our wedding other than spring break week. However, as a former professor, I could either get married over spring break, or wait until the summer, and we didn’t want to wait. :-) This year we managed to squeeze in a nice, romantic dinner out.

The biggest surprise was a beautiful flower arrangement and card from one of our couples, who happened to be celebrating their anniversary at the Inn this weekend! Thanks to everyone who stayed with us this year. Have a wonderful spring!

Spring has sprung in San Antonio (for weddings, anyway)!

February showers bring March flowers and weddings (or something like that here in San Antonio – by May it will already be 100 degrees :-) ).

Gregg just informed me yesterday that we have done over 500 weddings since we purchased the Inn (562, to be exact). Wow! That’s incredible. And March is already booked up for weddings since it’s such a beautiful month here with all the flowers in bloom and the trees budding and blooming. Brides are thinking spring also, as seen in this assortment of gerbera daisies.

Daisies in various colors

Popular Purple

This month has brought many purple weddings! Each one is unique because florals in purple are different every time they arrive at the floral shop; sometimes the lavenders are pale with just a hint of purple and sometimes the purples are so rich and dark that it makes the contrast against the elegant, antique white roses absolutely stunning.  We create bouquets in the traditional ball with lavender and white roses, adding deeper fillers here and there, or in a more fresh-from-the-garden look as shown below, with a few roses and a variety of fillers. Either way, it makes for a beautiful mixture for today’s bride.

Purple Bridal Bouquet for the Wedding Social

Fresh-from-the-garden look for the Wedding Social

December Weddings Begin — Happy Holidays!

This week has been busy!  Fall weddings come to a close and now the December wedding season begins, with red rose bouquets, twinkling Christmas tree lights and kisses under the mistletoe. Come share in the holiday magic! There are holiday celebrations, markets, and festivals all around San Antonio this month. This weekend our own Monte Vista is holding a holiday market.

Smooching under the mistletoe

11/11/11 and More!

Wow, it’s been a busy November so far! Of course the 11/11/11 date was solidly booked for weddings and rooms (on such unusual dates we agree to do more than one wedding) and we could have done many more. Not only were our own brides and grooms staying, but the other rooms were filled with other honeymooners. Already 10/11/12 is booking up!  Pictured here are the new Mr. and Mrs. Campbell from 11/15/11.

Halloween Wedding

This year’s Halloween wedding didn’t have the spiders and eyeballs on the food table (like last year’s) but it was the first time that the guests were in costume. What a fun idea!

The bride and groom looked elegant and their attire reminded me of Alice in Wonderland or similar storybook-type characters. But what I was most impressed with is the fact that the bride made the dress herself and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Inn at Craig Place is Jumping into the Blog World

For those of you out there who have been to the Inn and know us, you know that we’re usually going a mile a minute, so this is a pretty big commitment to say that we’re now blogging. More than likely you will be hearing from me (Kelly) since I am the resident language major whereas Gregg is the finance whiz around here. You should see how fast he can use that little number keypad on the computer without even looking at it! But his two-finger pecking at the letters doesn’t make for fast typing, so it will be left to me. 

So where do you begin when you aren’t starting at the beginning? I still haven’t figured that out, quite honestly. We don’t even have an “About the Innkeepers” page, like so many other B&B’s , and have avoided posting pictures of ourselves on the site.  I guess it’s because our philosophy is that your time at the Inn at Craig Place is all about YOU – not us – and we bustle around behind the scenes as much as possible to make your stay or wedding day as wonderful as we can possibly make it.  Recently, we had some guests who have stayed with us several times tell us that they love to come and sit on the balcony or in the library and pretend they live there. I smiled and thought that it was just the illusion I like to create, and if we were always visible, it might destroy their fantasy.

Even with our room decor our goal is to create a fantasy, a romantic atmosphere where each room offers guests a new experience in an intimate, private setting. Maybe the room contains something that they have always wanted, but more than likely won’t buy for themselves. For instance, I always wanted a canopy bed as a little girl, so how much fun would it be to sleep in one, if only for a night or two? Or what does it feel like to soak in a 120-yr-old clawfoot tub with bath scents that conjure up fields of wildflowers? Or have you ever thought of having stars that glow painted over the bed?  Not those plastic ones that you stick to the ceiling, but stars that are invisible until the lights are out, just like real stars are invisible until it’s pitch dark.

I still haven’t answered my question of what to blog, but I guess we’ll just see what lies ahead and hope that we have something worth sharing and reading.

Until next time…. Sweet Dreams

Kelly and Gregg